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Nailed It

The Sean Graystone episode nailed it - the elephant in room so to speak. Many in construction perpetuate this archaic system of management/leadership because that’s what always been done. There is another way! It’s increasingly being seen and it definitely isn’t championed enough by the bigger players out there, but the tide is turning. Thank you for talking about what makes management uncomfortable. That’s the first step.

Absolutely worth the listen

Felipe, I have to say that I feel like I know you. I’ve been nonstop listening to episodes ever since my construction foreman told me about you. You are a very bright light in this industry and the guests you include are equally interesting to watch! Please, don’t ever change the format. What sets you apart from the rest is you’re not just some corporate GC podcast trying hard to look good for prospective clients….boring. Your stories coupled with the true stories of your guests is what keeps me (and my whole project team) coming back for more. Cheers!


I listen because I get introduced to forward thinking folks with ideas that improve quality of life.