The EBFC Show


The Easier, Better, for Construction Show is where people working to make building easier and better share how. I know firsthand that construction is complex and a challenging career at times. Our guests dig into design and construction topics proven to positively build up people, processes, and the business of building. Podcasts are published at 12 AM PST every other Wednesday.

I began my construction career decades ago. Over time I've learned about alternative ways of working from people in numerous industries. Those positive (and negative) role models and mentors changed nearly everything about how I work today. For the past decade, I've been at work helping thousands of people across the construction industry improve project delivery. I'm sharing experiences on The EBFC Show to make your work easier, better, faster, and fun.

This show is also powered by the Scrum framework, our show team operates using two-week Sprints. I’m also a Jeff Sutherland trained Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale Practitioner. I’ve used Lean and Scrum daily in the construction industry for over ten years and have been a Scrum Inc. Trainer since 2020. 

If you have a question for me, please connect on social media to start a conversation or use the Contact link to drop me a note about getting Scrum training. I work with building owners, designers, and construction professionals that transform ideas into beneficial business actions around the globe. If I can’t help, I will definitely connect you with someone that can. Thank you for helping transform project delivery!

About the Host

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez


An international speaker and business practitioner with decades of experience in process improvement, project planning, execution, change management, and employee engagement in the construction industry. I work to help others implement easier, better, and faster business strategies.

Engineer-Manriquez is a Jeff Sutherland Certified ScrumMaster® and Scrum Trainer by Scrum Inc.™ in addition to being a Product Owner by Scrum Inc.™ and Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner™.