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This Guy Literally Wrote the Book on Scrum

Excellent podcast that I recommend to anyone tasked with delivering projects in the 21st century to listen to. Felipe has a smooth, organic communication style that lends it self to taking the most complex concept and breaking it down into its usable parts. It’s no wonder he authored a book on how to use Scrum in construction with bonus commentary on applications in Lean or IPD. I already have a physical copy, but would recommend getting the audio book too if not just to hear Felipe’s narration. It’s so much fun to listen to — just like the podcast.

Perfect Place to Start

Learning Scrum is on my development plan for 2023. The EBFC Show was recommended to me as a place to start. I was a little hesitant to listen at first. These things tend to be dry, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the podcast informative, but it’s also entertaining. I can’t wait to sign up for my Scrum class!

Change Makers New Orleans

Talk about FOMO. By the time I listened to this live stream and learned about LCI Congress in NOLA, it was too late to join in the fun this year. I also realized that Felipe was wearing a Boldt shirt! What a loss for his previous employer and what a gain for Boldt! It makes sense that the Construction Scrum expert would work with the Lean GC of choice. Onward and upward, my friend. Oh and listen to the show! You can both learn something and laugh.

It’s All Scrum

This is by far my favorite podcast. At first, I was a scrum skeptic. But after learning from Felipe, himself, and putting it into practice, I am a dedicated convert. Scrum does make work easier, better, and faster. It’s not just a tag line. Thank you, Felipe!

Ultimate Source for Lean

When Felipe talks, you better listen. I had the pleasure of working with Felipe years ago with another GC. Many people claim to know Lean, but Felipe is the real deal. When he speaks — listen. When he recommends an action, you’ll see it translated into a gain.

Great Listen - Web3Blockchain

With the pace of change ever increasing in construction, it’s good to get a side peek at what’s next. Thank you, Felipe!

International Relevance

International listener here with experience in American markets as well as abroad. This podcast is universal. Methodologies described by Engineer-Manriquez have been around for some time, but his openness about how to implement are quite eye opening and shed light on our own unsuccessful attempts.

He Just Gets It

A lot of people will sell to you (or rather, corporations) that they know Lean, but no one comes close to this guy or his carefully curated guests. Come here to learn that Lean is more than just a toolset. It’s a way of thinking and a plan of action. With it, all aspects of job performance can improve - including quality, safety, worker satisfaction, and financials.

The Original Construction Podcast! Felipe the OG!!

This podcast is fantastic! All of the right leaders who are influencing the industry in the right ways! Love everything your team is doing to improve the working conditions for folks in the construction and design community! Keep up the amazing work!


Jake and Felipe are a combination we all need this morning! For those of you that don’t Felipe well, follow him on social media or just LinkedIn. The man made a professional change recently but his impact, I suspect, will be the same if not greater. One of his many mantras that inspires me is, “Change the industry from within.” I couldn’t agree more and it takes strong leaders like him and Jake to clear a roadmap for the rest of us. Thank you!


What makes this show good is Felipe’s relatability. He’s that rare example of a person who can talk to and engage people from all walks of life whether it be the C-suite or the field. A don’t miss / listen twice kind of podcast.

The Definition of Progress

The EBFC Show is the best podcast out there for construction. I completely recommend it for entry level engineers all the way to division presidents.

Making it count

I am always glad that I have made time for the EBFC show. Felipe's voice still sound great at 2.0x! Felipe knows what we need to hear and he knows what his guest has to offer and he makes sure we get both.

Best Resource Out There

I listen and learn something new every episode. Best of all, Felipe and his guests are so relatable. We can all see ourselves in their setbacks as well as their successes. What’s more is the show gives us a roadmap on how to begin. Highly recommend!

Felipe is the best host

Felipe is a pro! He's thoughtful in his interviewing style and fun with the sound effects. Honored to be a guest on his show and I have recommended him to many others. Great topics and guests! Reena Friedman Watts Host of the Better Call Daddy Show

Just Awesome for any construction pro

Great guests and incredibly informational!

The EBFC Show

An amazing podcast to learn about the construction industry. I have been listening to this podcast since last year.

Lean Everyone Can Get Behind

This show is the one I recommend to people at work. It’s what’s needed in today’s field operations. Call it Operational Excellence/ call it Continuous Improvement/ call it Agile/ call it Innovation…no matter the name it’s all the same concept, Lean, and Felipe and his guests deliver the right conversations at the right time.

Wonderful discussions

Felipe is the master at interviewing and having engaging discussions. If you like interviews, this is the podcast for you! He does an absolutely amazing job!

It’s what’s on in my truck.

The EBFC Show and Felipe are a must listen. The quality of his production and guests are amongst the best the industry has to offer. Can’t wait to dig into the latest episode!

Solving Labor Productivity Issues

Great discussions as to what construction industry leaders/members need to start focusing on in order to drive growth for the future of their business & the industry in general…

Got the book!

Excellent episode once again. Definitely agree that owners are asking for lean more and more and this confirms it. What’s more is they know what to look for so faking it till you make it is already out the window. Can’t wait to read your book Felipe and begin integrating scrum into my approach.

Real, real useful, & real entertaining

I really enjoy hearing people's stories of struggles and victories. This brings it home because we can all relate to the experiences of the guests but Felipe chooses guests with lessons to teach or inspiring stories and that gives the inspiration needed to go create your own success story.

Superintendent Approved

Just finished The Lean Builder episode and this is what the field needs and wants. The EBFC Show is a good glimpse into the current status of construction. I listen to get information on Lean, Scrum, and Takt. The added bonus is that Felipe’s personality is a pick me up on those typical construction days we all experience.

You can feel Felipe's passion through your speakers!

Felipe does a great job digging into the issues that have the most impact on the future of the built environment!!!

Great Show!

Very informative podcast

The #1 construction podcast

I love this podcast! Never miss an episode

forward thinking show for this industry

It is so refreshing to listen to this show, and it gives me great hope for the future of the construction industry. If you're frustrated with the old-school mindset and are looking for practical, yet innovative, ideas to transform your job, team, or organization, this show is right for you!

I’d give more stars if I could

I highly recommend this show and Felipe. If you’re not listening - start. If you hate lean - give it a try. If you work in construction- turn it on. If you are looking to broaden your perspective - subscribe and get the latest episode going.

Lean Builder

Excellent point made that out 400 pull plans only 250 were good. Try it and learn but if you want some level of success, include someone that honestly knows what they are doing.