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Highly Recommend

Any time spent watching Felipe and his interviews is time well spent. There’s so much to learn from him.

Construction Change Makers on YouTube

Felipe hosted a Construction Change Makers panel on YouTube. It was an uplifting way to begin my Saturday. Go check it out!


Excellent listen with exceptional guests presented by the one who can only be described as a living legend of Agile and Scrum in Construction.

Love the change makers conversation!

What a great way to start the day! If you are in the construction industry, if you are lean inspired ... AND want a laugh/smile ... you MUST check this out!

This is not your father’s idea of Lean construction.

I’m going to say it. It’s not up for debate. Felipe is an authentic change leader for construction. He actually understands that Lean is not about reducing core staff or general costs. It’s respect for the team and allowing them to work together and collaborate to build something to be proud of. As…

Golden Interview - Firefighting vs Lean Construction

This is a golden interview, two of the best minds in lean construction.

Powerful Episode 24

In one word - powerful. Thank you Felipe for having a real conversation about such a hot button topic. You and Henry handled it in both a respectful and truthful/vulnerable manner.

Lean is the Path to Innovation

For those just dropping in to see what this podcast and Felipe are all about, let me tell you. Today, a lot of companies are all about the buzzword, innovation. Some hire people with sharp titles like Director of Innovation and task them with purchasing the latest software so the company can be fea…

Must have resources!

I always learn something new from Felipe’s podcasts. The guests offer perspective and real life examples of how agile, scrum, and lean are being adopted and implemented. Exactly what I was seeking, especially since it’s a niche community in the Design world. Highly recommend the EBFC Show!


This show is legit and worth watching. A great mix of construction strategies intersecting with coworker relationships.

Nailed It

The Sean Graystone episode nailed it - the elephant in room so to speak. Many in construction perpetuate this archaic system of management/leadership because that’s what always been done. There is another way! It’s increasingly being seen and it definitely isn’t championed enough by the bigger play…

Absolutely worth the listen

Felipe, I have to say that I feel like I know you. I’ve been nonstop listening to episodes ever since my construction foreman told me about you. You are a very bright light in this industry and the guests you include are equally interesting to watch! Please, don’t ever change the format. What sets …


I listen because I get introduced to forward thinking folks with ideas that improve quality of life.