Kate Simons

Director of Scheduling and Controls

Her passion is learning, coaching, and continuous improvement. Through her role as Director of Scheduling and Controls at Shawmut Design and Construction, you can find her talking about flow, predictability, human connection, quality, creating value, and helping people translate plans and ideas into action. She is incredibly lucky in that she gets an almost daily opportunity to help jobsite teams better leverage their individual strengths, solve problems and communicate more effectively.

Kate specializes in Collaborative Planning, Scheduling, and Team Alignment/Communication. She recently volunteered to re-kickstart the New England Lean COP and has spent the last year trying new and scary experiences [like being on a podcast].

July 7, 2021

Finding Your Tribe in Construction with Kate and Millicent

How do you find people in design and construction working to make our industry better than they found it? Often you find them in …

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