Millicent Drabble

Manager of Construction Operations

A proud poetic pragmatist, Millicent Drabble firmly believes in the power combination of being technically skilled, people savvy, and curious. With a career in the built environment that encompasses design, construction, operations, and maintenance across five countries, she knows that project management and risk management are unifying dialects across stakeholders, cultures, currency, and expectations. It’s collaborating with and learning from a diverse array of people that really gets Millicent excited, and in her role as Manager of Construction Operations for Shawmut Design and Construction’s West Region, she relishes the ability to do this, not only within the organization but with peers in the industry through the Urban Land Institute.

Having (almost) mastered the art of embracing uncertainty as a global nomad, Millicent leverages her leadership identity to inspire people and teams by nurturing the confidence required to fail and evolve – we are in the business of problem-solving after all!

July 7, 2021

Finding Your Tribe in Construction with Kate and Millicent

How do you find people in design and construction working to make our industry better than they found it? Often you find them in …

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