Working in Residential Construction? Learn How to Apply Lean Construction and Scrum Principles!

From the chat, I dive into the world of lean construction and scrum principles specifically tailored for a residential general contractor using a principles approach. If you've been wondering how to apply these powerful methodologies to your own projects, this is the video for you!

We address a podcast and book reader's question about how lean and scrum can be adapted for a general contractor residential construction company. With in-house plumbing and heating crews, multiple carpentry crews, and a dedicated department for kitchen and bath design, we explore the challenges faced by this respected general contractor with 28 years of experience.

Discover practical insights from for sustainable strategies for implementing lean and scrum principles in this context. From improving cycle times and customer experience to optimizing project outcomes, you'll gain valuable insights and actionable steps to take your residential building to the next level.

Whether you're just starting out or seeking to enhance your existing processes, this video provides a solid foundation to begin incorporating lean construction, scrum, and the concept of takt into your operations. Start with the basics to become empowered to leverage these methodologies effectively.

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