Unlocking Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Insights from Aura Robinson | S4 The EBFC Show 072

Aura Robinson, Manager of Enhanced Project Delivery at ISL Engineering (Canada) shares her experience with integrated project delivery (IPD) and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and valuing people in an IPD setting. She also provides tips for those considering implementing IPD, such as starting with a smaller project and finding the language of IPD and Lean Construction strategies that work for one's project and client. The conversation highlights the benefits of IPD, including decreased email volume, focus on building and experience, and increased value for all team members. This podcast interview can help construction professionals looking for insights on IPD and Lean Construction strategies for immediate use on their projects for higher collaboration and team performance.

Change-maker Aura Robinson is a Gold Seal certified Constructor with extensive experience in architecture, engineering, and project management. Aura finds new techniques and strategies to enhance project delivery in the design and construction industry. She has a passion for developing teams tailored to the industry's emerging trends, and has managed high-performing teams and projects to great success. Aura's search for a better way led her to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Her experience with IPD and dedication to improving the industry and helping owners realize their vision has led her to ISL Engineering. At ISL, collaborative approaches and Lean Construction strategies are at the core of their day-to-day operations, and Aura leverages her construction knowledge and unique perspective to help project owners and teams achieve their goals. Aura uses her experiences with IPD and Lean strategies to make project management easier, better, and faster.

0:00 Introductions
6:11 Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
13:55 People-focused collaboration on IPD projects
17:30 Traditional Contracts - Traumatic Experience Memories
21:52 Learning from other Lean Leaders
30:28 IPD Teamwork - Nothing Else Like it
32:34 IPD Recommendations for Newbies
41:31 Thank You!

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