Takt Lean Construction Schedules Aren't Only for Repeat Work | S3 The EBFC Show 043 CLIP

Cutting-edge construction runs on sound theory and principles of project-based production management like Lean Construction. Iris Tommelein is an expert on construction site logistics, layout, materials, and supply-chain management like takt.

Takt time is the rate at which you need to complete a product in order not only to meet customer demand but exceed it. If every week, for example, our project team can complete 10,000SF of hospital space (patient rooms, hallways, etc), then we know this 1,000,000SF building may be completed within 100 weeks, less than 2 years. Takt enables more efficient use of resources such as workspace, equipment, and trade flow. Traditional waterfall planning and scheduling for similar scope buildings take nearer to 3 years to complete.

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