Owner Driven Lean Construction Project Culture with John Zachara | S2 The EBFC Show 040

John Zachara leads the program and capital budget management of a multiple-site acute care healthcare organization. He uses decades of project management experience to deliver a wide variety of project types including commercial, retail, hospital, clinical, research, educational, and religious facilities. When opportunities arise or problems come up, John knows how to leverage Lean Construction principles and techniques. He is an active member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Chicago Community of Practice (CoP) and a member of the first Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA) project in Healthcare in Chicago.

John’s Roles include:
Owner’s Representative
Owner’s Advocate
Lean Coach
Lean Presenter - presented at over 50 local(Chicago) and national conferences since 2016
Life Long Learner
Lean Construction Institute - Chicago Community of Practice Leader
American Heart Association - Heart Ball Board Member since 2019
YouthBuild Lake County Board Member since 2021
YouthBuild Lake County Apprenticeship Task Force 2021

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