Mastering Lean: Insights from Jake Harrell's Food Industry Experience | S4 The EBFC Show 074

Are you ready to learn about process improvement, communication, and personal growth while laughing along the way? Jake Harrell discusses his experiences in the food processing industry and his humorous insights about the implementation of lean principles. Discover counterintuitive strategies, such as producing large amounts of inventory during low prices, and the importance of respecting people and effective communication for continuous improvement.

But that's not all! Jake and Felipe also touch on other topics such as memes on LinkedIn, quality podcasts, difficult conversations, and challenges faced by middle management. Learn about the value of spending quality time with family and how playing the game Overcooked can improve teamwork and gratitude, both inside and outside of work. Jake's experiences may inspire you to take action and break free from self-limiting beliefs. This interview covers a wide range of continuous improvement topics for Lean Construction and Agile practitioners alike, including Lean principles, A/B testing, systems thinking, gratitude, and continuous improvement how-to's. With Jake's humor and simple methods, you're sure to gain insights into personal and professional growth. Tune in to this quality conversation and see why Jake is a regular guest on The EBFC Show live stream.

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0:00 - Introduction and discussion of Jake's role as Director of Lean Transformation
6:05 - Respecting people, communication, continuous improvement, and systems thinking
13:09 - Social media and LinkedIn
15:35 - Gratitude and spending quality time with family
21:15 - Playing the Overcooked game and how it relates to improvement
25:40 - Human touch and counterintuitive lean principles
35:08 - Assumptions and difficult conversations
41:10 - Middle managements role in process improvement

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