Lean Moonshine Secrets with Steve Martin | S4 The EBFC Show 075

Join host Felipe Engineer-Manriquez in this episode of The EBFC Show as he interviews Steve Martin, a seasoned lean/continuous improvement leader with over three decades of experience. Steve shares proven approaches to making things better, drawing inspiration from his experience with moonshine-making change management practices.

In this insightful conversation, Steve emphasizes the critical role of respect for people in successful continuous improvement and shares anecdotes about his experiences working with teams and helping people get unstuck. He also highlights the importance of cultural awareness in lean principles and how it impacts diverse teams.

If you're a construction professional, whether new to the world of lean manufacturing, lean construction, or an expert in the field, you'll find plenty of valuable takeaways in this episode. Learn how to improve processes while prioritizing people over results, and discover practical insights that will make your job easier, better, and faster.

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0:00 - Opening introductions
05:33 - Lean prioritizing respect for people over results for sustainable improvement and continuous improvement processes
18:58 - Steve Martin's four P's and how he prioritizes people over the improvement process
23:27 - Common resistance to change, especially in self-improvement
33:19 - Encourage feedback, failing quickly, and Steve Martin's future book
36:08 - Steve Martin's experimentation with speaking his future book and editing through rapid feedback.
38:19 - Steve Martin proposes co-writing a book with Felipe Engineer after connecting deeply.
38:51 - The importance of prioritizing people first in the lean manufacturing process for dramatic improvements.
45:07 - The importance of respect for people and mindset shift in lean manufacturing for sustainable changes in both Western and Japanese cultures.

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