Lean Construction Training to Learning with Rebecca Snelling & Dan Fauchier | S3 The EBFC Show 062

Be cautious of what you choose to learn, some ideas take deep root. Rebecca (Martin) Snelling and Dan Fauchier learned about Lean Construction and it transformed their lives, work, and friendship on a billion-dollar project. Today they each coach people, organizations, and leaders to transform design and construction. When making a change, be aware that people may actively work against it. Beyond just Lean Construction tools, these two know how to influence projects and company culture. People that find ways to grow themselves separate learners, followers, and leaders.

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LCI Roadshow Video https://youtu.be/D3IWu6gX24g
Dan’s First The EBFC Show Interview at https://www.theebfcshow.com/firefighting-vs-lean-construction-dan-fauchier/
Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder Book and Test https://amzn.to/3LZbal4
Boldt’s Gatekeeper Program https://www.boldt.com/news/blog-post/trained-volunteer-gatekeepers-offer-peer-to-peer-help/

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