Lean Construction Pioneer Iris Tommelein | S3 The EBFC Show 043

Iris D. Tommelein is a Professor of Engineering and Project Management in the Civil and Envir. Engrg. Dept. at UC Berkeley. She focuses on developing theory and principles of project-based production management for the architecture-engineering-construction industry, what is termed 'lean construction.' She is an expert on construction site logistics, layout, materials- and supply-chain management.

Professor Tommelein directs the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL - p2sl.berkeley.edu), a research institute dedicated to developing and deploying knowledge and tools for project management as well as a learning lab for the Northern California construction industry. She is active in the International Group for Lean Construction and until recently served on the Board of Directors of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI).

LCI recognized her with the Lean Pioneer Award 2015 - The award recognizes an individual (or organization) who has moved the design and construction industry forward in embracing and implementing Lean tools and techniques on capital projects (https://www.leanconstruction.org/news/95/36/LCI-Recognizes-Iris-Tommelein-with-Prestigious-Pioneer-Award/).

Prof. Tommelein received the 2014 Peurifoy Construction Research Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (faculty.ce.berkeley.edu/tommelein/papers/Peurifoy.pdf ). She also received the 2002 Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Prize "for her research on civil engineering computing for managing project-based production systems in the engineering-architecture-construction industry."

Professor Tommelein served on the ExCom of ASCE's Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology (TCCIT) and as a member of the Research Council of the Construction Institute.
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