Is Integrated Project Delivery #ipd Right for YOUR Project? | The EBFC Show #shorts

Are you considering Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)? The EBFC Show is here to help you make the decision on whether IPD is the best approach for your project. Be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of IPD to decide if IPD is the best approach for your project. So whether you're new to IPD or you're looking for tips on using IPD in your next project, the EBFC Show has you covered!

Aura Robinson, Manager of Enhanced Project Delivery at ISL Engineering (Canada), shares her experience with integrated project delivery (IPD). She was a skeptic and offers her advice on how to get started or not get started with IPD on your design and construction project.

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Unlocking Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Insights from Aura Robinson | S4 The EBFC Show 072
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