Have Fun in Construction using Scrum & Takt with Sindre Gundersen | S4 The EBFC Show 071

Sindre Gundersen knows firsthand the frustration of traditional design and construction methods. He realized that there had to be a better way. With its adaptable approach, Scrum is helping Sindre revolutionize the industry in Norway and beyond. Sindre is passionate about implementing more fun project delivery. With his training from Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Sindre introduces Scrum to even the most skeptical teams with a successful adoption. He firmly believes that work should be enjoyable and that projects should include learning and growth. Join Sindre in embracing the power of Scrum to push the construction industry towards easier and better ways of working.

0:00 Sindre Loves Scrum
2:43 Introduction
6:51 Scrum LinkedIn Post
27:05 Scrum for design and construction skeptics
30:52 Collaboration and Facilitation Tips
32:37 Agile, Scrum, and Takt
39:24 The Magic of Scrum
42:20 Scrum Spreading Surprise Encounter
43:09 Thank You!

Are you in the construction industry and want to learn more about how Scrum and Agile can help streamline your projects? Look no further than this podcast episode, where Felipe and Sindre dive into the benefits of Scrum in construction. They discuss how Agile frees you from the constraints of traditional project management and how Scrum is a lightweight framework that enables flow to happen daily. They also share their experiences implementing Scrum in construction projects and discuss the challenges and benefits of using agile methods.

Sindre emphasizes the importance of creating a value-oriented mindset from the start of the project, breaking away from traditional linear thinking, and implementing iterations and prototyping to save money and minimize waste. Felipe adds that involving the building owner in the decision-making process is crucial, and keeping waste to a minimum is essential to produce something that will actually be used.

In a traditional design, bid, build project, the job finished successfully using Scrum, the Last Planner System, and Takt, half a month ahead of schedule. Communication and collaboration among team members encourage is essential. This podcast episode is a must-listen if you’re looking to streamline your construction projects and improve collaboration.

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