Guest Appearance on the Specified Growth Podcast #shorts

My #scrum training and years of practice as a Scrum Master for design and construction project teams has really sharpen my facilitator skill set. The good news is anyone can learn these skills.

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Good Scrum Masters are servant leaders who put the needs of the team and the project above their own interests. They facilitate the Scrum process, ensuring the team is adhering to Scrum principles and helping the team to become more effective.

Good Scrum Masters have strong facilitation skills and lead effective meetings and discussions. They have excellent communication skills and convey information clearly to the team and stakeholders.

Good Scrum Masters are able to manage and resolve conflicts that may arise within the team. They coach team members to improve their skills and performance.

Good Scrum Masters have a high level of emotional intelligence and are able to understand and manage the emotions of team members. They have a good understanding of the technical aspects of the project and work closely with the development team.

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