Construction Scrum - Learn How to Scrum in Less Than 30-Minutes

My book, Construction Scrum, is the first practical guide for construction professionals to implement the Scrum framework in the construction industry. My goal is to enable project managers, superintendents, and whole project teams to take action to make project delivery easier, better, and faster now. This video will get you started in 3 steps and includes case studies and example Scrum boards from different teams across the construction industry. #scrumtraining

⏱️ Timestamps
00:00 Introduction to Construction Scrum
01:30 Construction Scrum Case Studies
06:40 Design Scrum Case Study
07:45 More Construction Scrum Examples
09:57 Why Use Scrum in Construction
10:45 Agile Manifesto | Construction Flavored
12:56 Basic Scrum Framework
17:16 Getting started in 3 steps
18:54 Scrum Guide & More

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