Construction Scrum - [Audio] Chapter 9 Using the Scrum Guide to Make Your Playbook

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Project managers, superintendents, trade partners, and whole project teams can take key actions to make project delivery easier, better, and faster now.

✅ 20% People and Labor Cost Savings
✅ 25% Earlier project delivery
✅ 200% Efficiency gains
✅ 5 vs 90 days for onboarding new hires

"Construction Scrum" is the first practical guide for construction professionals to implement the Scrum framework in the construction industry. Chapter 9 is the 2020 Scrum Guide with my commentary for design and construction professionals based on experiences with thousands of teams and hundreds of Scrum Masters.

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"With Felipe’s partnership...a new Scrum team focusing on Scrum in construction was formed to serve the millions of men and women working to build our world. His generous contributions to this team and the growing community of Scrum practitioners continue to have an outstanding impact..."
Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum

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