Company Secret Sauce 🍯 Not Food But It Is Lean #shorts

#SecretSauce is something unique to your company or culture. In this podcast episode, I asked Brian Melcher, Principal and Founder of Field Verified, what's their Secret Sauce.

"This is Scrum was a rolling tagline used during the episode. Brian recently trained with me to become a Scrum Master and he wanted us to bring out all the times in our dialogue that Scrum applies. More free resources 👇 for project managers, superintendents, trade partners, and whole project teams ready to make project delivery easier, better, and faster now.

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✅ Scrum teams of 4-7 people realize the same output of 12-21 person teams, $2.5M per year in labor cost savings
✅ Construction Scrum teams working on multiple projects typically achieve 200% - 300% efficiency gains in the first month using the framework, double the workload in half the time

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