ACE Mentor Program: Mentorship for Students in Construction | The EBFC Show 076 #shorts

Paulette Dallas, ACE Mentor Program Regional Director, explores the life-changing potential of mentorship and networking for aspiring students in the construction industry. Paulette reveals a world of diverse opportunities within the ACE Mentor Program, from scholarships and internships to externships, ensuring students from all backgrounds can thrive, regardless of their educational path.

Discover the game-changing Transformative Partners Program, where Paulette shares invaluable insights on ongoing mentorship for students spanning from high school through college and securing a coveted position in the construction field. Gain exclusive access to Paulette's expertise as she unveils the true significance of networking, offering invaluable tips for students to cultivate their powerful connections within the industry.

Don't miss out on this enlightening episode, where Paulette Dallas shines a light on the transformative influence of mentorship and networking vis examples of students who have seized these opportunities to shape their future within the construction field. Tune in now to gain the knowledge, motivation, and tools you need to pave your own path to success in this exciting industry with this exclusive podcast interview, making easier, better, and faster future leaders.

Full show Link: Unlocking Success in Construction: Mentorship and Networking w/ Paulette Dallas | The EBFC Show 076

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