July 6, 2022

Networking Change-Makers with Reena Friedman Watts

Networking professionals know that making genuine connections yield several positive side effects. Reena Friedman Watts has made networking with change-makers a full-time job. She is sharing her experiences from reality TV, radio, and podcast interviewin...

Networking professionals know that making genuine connections yield several positive side effects. Reena Friedman Watts has made networking with change-makers a full-time job. She is sharing her experiences from reality TV, radio, and podcast interviewing (Better Call Daddy) the top influencers and industry moguls of today. Reena says networking is about saying yes, sharing, and not taking.  Do you need some fresh ideas? Would raising your professional profile help you connect with the right people and get access to better opportunities? If you need advice, do you know how to seek and receive it? Build confidence and become connected today.


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Felipe Engineer  0:00  
How's it going? Welcome.

Reena Friedman Watts  0:01  
Thank you. I'm very excited about this.

Felipe Engineer  0:04  
Yeah, it's good to have you on here. You've been such a good participant in the live streams. It's great to meet you in person.

Reena Friedman Watts  0:11  
Yeah. Great to meet you, too. I'm like, Can we roll in some music and sound?

Felipe Engineer  0:18  
Yeah, you're on the show. I feel like I'm on the Better Call Daddy show.

Reena Friedman Watts  0:22  
I know, right? Yeah, I gotta be consistent with the branding. I always have it in the background,

Felipe Engineer  0:26  
The brand on. Yeah I've got my, my brand. I've got my cup already. By branded cup that I'll be sipping from periodically. Stay hydrated. This is an hour long show. So we'll see. We'll see how we do. All right.

Reena Friedman Watts  0:41  
I'm excited. Yeah, I'm a little jealous of your sound effect ability.

Felipe Engineer  0:46  
Yeah, well, we can fight when you're ready. You can bring your game up. Or you can just keep the same stuff and lose. So it's

Reena Friedman Watts  0:59  
so funny. It totally reminds me of when I worked at Jerry Springer and like if the segment got boring, then they would go for the like, go fight sound.

Felipe Engineer  1:07  
That's you know that I actually I went to school in Chicago and I got to see one Jerry Springer taping live. I do not remember who the guest was, but I had I'm sure it had to do with Baby Mama, I'm sure.

Reena Friedman Watts  1:21  
I'm sure yeah, that was 90% of the story. 

Felipe Engineer  1:25  
So classic. I was going through and just cannibalizing all of your shows. And I gotta say like your your first show out the gate with Evan Carmichael. I was just like, so jealous.

Reena Friedman Watts  1:38  
So I love him too. What's really interesting is I heard him interviewed on I think Ryan Holtz's show. And I heard him say that he liked to be people's first guest. So I had actually interviewed like, a bunch of others, but I hadn't heard anything yet. And so I was like, Hey, if you come on my show, I'll make you guest number one and he totally went for that.

Felipe Engineer  2:00  
So cool. Yeah, for people that aren't listening to the show. Evan Carmichael is like one of the most influential YouTubers of all time. He's right up there with Mr. Beast, but he's more on the entrepreneurship motivation. You almost can't even watch anything on YouTube. It's not motivational that doesn't have an Evan Carmichael coming up in the feed at some point or another I would think

Reena Friedman Watts  2:22  
yeah, I love his Instagram lives and I watched just a bunch of those I'm still a fan of his I'm still engaging with his content. I love everything that he puts out there he's he's right on point and I feel like he genuinely tries to serve and he really tries to help people which is cool.

Felipe Engineer  2:40  
Absolutely does. That's what what got me attracted to the type of content you have. And I've like I said, I've been binge watching your better called daddy show. And I just love how you're such like a natural connector and I've personally benefited already by several of your connections and introductions I've recorded already another guest I won't I won't say who I want to cut cut some of this out to leave the magic behind the scenes but it's just so cool. Thank you for you know connecting me to so many people that really do appreciate it and I loved how on that last live you called out Mark Raven to get on this. 

Reena Friedman Watts  3:19  
I had him on my show. I think Jake is had him on his show. And I just know that he talks a lot about liens. I was like that feels appropriate for him to check out your all's episode. Yeah.

Sponsors  3:33  
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Felipe Engineer  5:20  
Let's go. Alright, so let's, let's clear it out. This is going to be a good clean fight. We're both going to come out of our corners, better called dandy coming out. Rena Friedman watts. What a powerful name Rena, Rena, I want to ask you lots of questions. But the first type of question is, when you introduce yourself to people, what do you tell them?

Reena Friedman Watts  5:44  
That is a great question. So I usually say former reality TV show producer turned Podcast Producer, mompreneur have four kids 13. And under those are pretty much my two main roles.

Felipe Engineer  5:58  
Yeah, I think the mompreneur is definitely a first on this show. So celebrate that you're gonna it's not competition. But some of my guests are very competitive. And it's been good for them to know that you're beating them right now with the bomb partnership. We love that. It was so unexpected. And yeah, I was. I was combing through some of the background information getting ready for this episode. And I gotta just call out like, you've been on TV or you've been part of helping TV and creating content for quite some time. And we're talking before the show started about how you were working on the Jerry Springer show. Back in the day, which is pretty freakin cool. I grew up in Chicago. I'm a Chicago native. And Jerry has a very, he was very much a part of the ethos, the time that I was going to college back in the early 2000s. And it also also on your website, it says that you'd like to read I don't know if you do this for fun. But do you read the NPR newswire stories for fun or for research? And

Reena Friedman Watts  7:03  
so I used to work for them jar station in college and thought that I wanted to work in radio, actually, that's what got me to Chicago. So I worked for a station at Purdue, it was called WBA. And I read the news in the weather there for two and a half years. And then I drove up to Chicago and interviewed at WGN and didn't get the job. But while I was up there interviewing, I saw that Jerry Springer was looking for interns literally like right across the courtyard. So I walked across from WGN to NBC tower, got a hold of the intern coordinator, and ended up starting there two weeks later.

Felipe Engineer  7:45  
So, so perfect. It's a Dural they call the proximity to power, you got to be at the right place at the right time. It definitely makes a huge difference. But I still I love your your LinkedIn callsign Can you tell people want that

Reena Friedman Watts  8:00  
is my LinkedIn call sign?

Felipe Engineer  8:03  
That's, that's what we call like your LinkedIn. Like that little piece at the top where you can say whatever you want, oh, yeah, what you've written there, I'm gonna call like a call sign until I get the actual I'm sure there's a label for it. I just don't know what it is Reena

Reena Friedman Watts  8:16  
do now I'm gonna call it that. But I say that I help entrepreneurs get seen because I feel like entrepreneurs are needing more exposure. And I think really the best way these days is to get on podcast and to network and to consider different possibilities. Like, what's really interesting is I worked on this big podcast, don't keep your day job, the Kathy Heller show, pre pandemic, and she hired this, you know, very expensive coach to help her with a course launch. And this popped up in my feed last week on Instagram. Like if you put that little heart emoji for Valentine's Day behind your story than everybody else who did that it like the people that you were connected to then there was like a whole feed of that. And so that coach like popped up in my feed and I was like, hmm, I'm no longer working for Kathy. She's no longer working for Kathy, let's see what she's up to. So I literally just messaged her, and it very, it felt very, like serendipitous. And then turns out she's like looking to get on podcast and she's looking for some marketing help. And literally, like, in less than a week. I just closed a new client and it was totally just from putting a heart behind a story on Instagram, like reconnecting with somebody who we both had worked with or done business with and she has a mastermind coming up and she was like, Hey, would you be interested in like maybe doing a swap like being a part of my mastermind and then you can like help me get on podcast. I was like, yeah, like just being open to doing things that you're not currently doing but you like the people involved in what they're doing. You know, I've done a lot of that. I think you asked me for like stories of how I connected with change makers. So another thing is, I worked for a financial firm in Chicago for about a year and a half. And I used to put on like Lunch and Learn events, where they're like fancy steak dinners. And then you hear about life insurance products, right, marketed them and picked up the venue and got the people to come. And I hired an event producer to help me put on one of those events. But what her niche really was was like working with Gary Vee, and like putting on entrepreneur events. So when I tried to hire her in the finance space that like wasn't necessarily a good fit, right? Like getting those people was much different than the entrepreneurial crowd. So when I left that firm, and she no longer worked with the guy was like, hey, like, I would love to team up with you. We worked well in the trenches. I didn't really like that guy. You didn't really like that guy, like, what are you up to? Right? So she ended up hiring me on a Gary Vee event to help her book sponsors and I had never done that. But she had like a list of potential people that she wanted to sponsors. I was like, just tell me who you want. All figured out what works you know, like you get one then you rinse, recycle, repeat and then other people come on to write. So I ended up booking a couple of sponsors, making my way to Toronto, seeing the whole media junket meeting Gary Vee just from like, networking and connecting with changemakers. Yes.

Felipe Engineer  11:18  
And a mutual dislike of somebody?

Reena Friedman Watts  11:21  
Yes. That's the best way to connect with people. It doesn't have to be like a total sex party. But hey, you don't like them? I don't like them either. Maybe we could reach it hang out, right.

Felipe Engineer  11:31  
That's right. That's right. That's one of the things I'm gonna jump. I had a question ready for you. For later. A lot of the people listening to this show, Reena are project managers that bless their hearts, they work way too hard for what they do. And my heart goes out to all the project managers listening to this, aspiring project managers recovering project managers and executives, and people just working inside and outside, upside sideways all over the construction industry. But Rinas advice for networking that she just laid out is worth a second pass on, because it is so critical. And I've been in the business for over 20 years Rina. And I've often told people that I mentor, the most powerful thing that I ever did, was to network outside of my little project circle, and to go bigger. And you just gave me two awesome stories. And I want to push you one more time onto this networking thing. Because I think so many people listening, regardless of what type of job they're in, this is something that's so critical, and it's going to sound better coming from you than from me. So what would you what would you say is the importance of networking for first for new people new or to a job, or team versus even experienced people, because some experience people get kind of entrenched arena and they don't spread their wings. And they they kind of just get comfortable. What do you you can go either way first, for your advice on why network is important. And you're basically making a living out of it. I mean, just want to just tell the audience, yeah, this is what she does.

Reena Friedman Watts  13:09  
Yeah, it's crazy. I mean, after interviewing 200 people, I literally have people reaching out to me saying I love some of the guests that you've had, can you make intros, I'm like, Yeah, I charge for that. Not only do I charge for that, but you know, you have to have like, a product that I want to put my name on and align with, right. So like, you need to have a My you need to have a headshot, you need to have some bragging rights, like some cool things that you've done, right here. And when you asked me even what continuous improvement is, so for me, I think continuous improvement, less is more. And let me explain that. Like a lot of people think that like, if somebody's you know, been interviewed a bunch that they need to listen to, like every single interview that that person has done, right? And look, I think listened to a couple of them. But like, you don't want to overwhelm yourself with like, too much information, right? Like, kinda get to know them, and then kind of like, be willing to listen to them and be a good listener, like in conversation. So some of that can unfold naturally.

Felipe Engineer  14:23  
Absolutely. Like we have. I mean, people have done on my show, they know that there. There are questions that could fold it out there. But what you don't know if unless you bid on the show, as I say, these are the questions that I might ask, because I'm leaving space, just like Rena said, leave some opportunity for what could come out there. And if you come at it with absolute curiosity, then you're going to connect much better. And you'd be surprised at what type of opportunities come your way but read I want to I want to push back and think about a newer person, a younger person that's coming into the workforce now out there, we still got the pandemic. So we got people connecting virtually more now than ever, like you and I did when you came to my actual live stream called changemakers, which is quite ironic that it's in your LinkedIn callsign until we get a different LinkedIn if you're listening. Tell me what that first header is called. I think it's callsign. I mean, we're gonna byline. Is that is that? Is that radio appropriate? Rena, you've been on radio? Is that like your, your radio letters?

Reena Friedman Watts  15:29  
Right? Is your your call letters? Yeah, like

Felipe Engineer  15:33  
w k payout? KPRC. Or whatever. Like, well, is that Cincinnati? That old show?

Reena Friedman Watts  15:40  
I know what you're talking about. But I don't remember what the call letters were? Yeah. What comes to mind is like I have had a couple of interns like, and I pretty much ask them like, what do you love doing? Like, if you could do anything? Social media wise? Like, what is your jam? What do you want to get better at? And then here's what I need help with? Are you interested in any of those things? Like, I think internships are so important. I mean, and don't wait until you're getting ready to graduate to do one like, oh my god, I worked for a news station in college and a radio station at the same time. And like, I figured out that I was actually more comfortable in radio, versus being in front of the camera. It is actually taken me a very long time to put myself out there. I have worked behind the scenes of others for about 20 years. And that is another thing. You know, my husband does this really well. Like, look, he loves his job. He loves the company that he works for, but he has other interests. He listens to a lot of podcasts. He listens to a lot of experts. And he networks like if if he reads a book or if he listened to listen to a podcast like I've taught him I'm like find those people. You surprised like how easy it is to connect with them, especially now. Oh my god, I have people sending me books all the time. I have people pitching me to be on my podcast all the time. And I'll consider it I'm like, How did you find me? I'm like, What's your daddy story? You know what I mean?

Felipe Engineer  17:08  
I was gonna tell you right now, that in preparation for today's interview, I did call my daddy this morning.

Reena Friedman Watts  17:15  
I love it. What's your relationship? Like?

Felipe Engineer  17:18  
It's actually really positive. Like, my dad is. You know, he's very driven. He's retired now. But he's still he's still out there like a boss, like working in the nonprofit space for fun? Because he just can't help himself. And yeah, like I think I heard on the show you had with Mark Raven, he was giving you some backstory on William Edwards Deming and Jay Carroll. And I always go back and forth about how much do I love Deming? And it's quite a lot, Jake. It's quite a lot as soon as he knows. And, you know, he had, he worked for a long time. And Deming was attributed that quote about data and trusting. And that was one of the cool things my dad was not in, in data he actually worked in. He came up in the factories, worked in the auto worker for a long time, before switching careers and getting more into the nonprofit space, particularly in youth soccer, and amateur soccer in Chicago arena.

Reena Friedman Watts  18:14  
Oh, coo, do you play soccer.

Felipe Engineer  18:16  
I only played the obligatory two seasons. My dad was such a huge fan. I could not play or be a fan. That was part of my rebellion. And as a youth, Rena, you know, you don't always listen to your parents. Like you have a good relationship with your dad. I can tell. And he's an awesome podcast co host. He's tall. Yeah, tell him I said, so. I want you to just comes on, like just spit and like knowledge, like, just no holds back.

Reena Friedman Watts  18:45  
I love some of the things that he says yeah, sometimes he gets the explicit rating.

Felipe Engineer  18:50  
Yeah, he does. He just can't I remember one of the shows that he had, he just comes out like, well, these are the top three things. And like, I think even surprised you. And you're like, well, as cool though. It's good. I like strong opinions, especially inexperienced people is something that I cherish. So that's that's cool. megawatt productions. And that is super cool URL that you got there. And what a powerful last name you know that that that is power. I did study electrical engineering. As a child like Marx, Dad was electrical engineer. It wasn't me, because I think Marx actually older than me. So no relation, though. My last name is engineer, Rena. I saw that I've gotten you know that. Yeah, that's actually true. But I wanted to ask you on the megawatts productions, what is like the main type of calls that you get or engagements, you know, through that area in your production focused way, because you said you've been serving people for 20 years in this space.

Reena Friedman Watts  19:54  
You know, I want to tell you just a little story of how like megawatts came to be it's so true. Yeah, there was when me and my husband first got married, we were living in Palo Alto. There was a friend of mine who was a teacher in the community. And she was going to do a class on happiness and how to look at the brighter side of life. And she was like, hey, Rena, she was like, Can you make me a video like a man on the street of what people think happiness is I was like, oh, that sounds like fun. So literally, I was like, I don't know, like seven months pregnant or something. And I was taking an editing course like Community College because I had worked as like a post production supervisor and nanny 911. But I supervise the voiceovers, I manage the editors that I didn't actually like, truthfully even know how to push the buttons. I just kind of like filled in the gaps of like, where I was needed. I knew what the deliverables were. And I was more of like, you know, a coordinator of all of the elements. You're like a project manager. Exactly, exactly. But I loved that all the editors would call me into their Bay, and they'd be like, hey, I need a second pair of eyes cuz I've looked at this cut, like so many times, can you please just tell me what you see. And so I started, like really actually enjoying the editing process after working on the show for three seasons. So when I got pregnant with my first kid, I went back to community college and took a couple classes of Final Cut Pro. So anyways, I decided to do a man on the street with my husband and walk through San Francisco and like, literally just go to people on the street and be like, can you tell me where to find happiness? Yeah, it was so crazy. Like I went up to homeless people. And I'm Mormon and you know, religious Jew, and like people from all walks of life, and I compiled this really fun video, which I should probably send you as a Sterba. Now, totally something I've said like definitely, like, is it so long ago, like, show you what that used to look like? And I gave it to her. And she was like, Oh, my God, this is amazing. Like, this was so engaging. And then I ended up like, you know, sharing it with my nonprofit in town, and they ended up using it. And it was just a really fun video. And then after that, people were like, Hey, can you do like my baby naming? Can you do like, my Bar Mitzvah? And I was like, I'm in business. I'm crazy. So I started actually even just doing it for people as gifts. But then they like started offering me money. They're like, Okay, we feel guilty, like you doing all of this creative work and like not paying you. So that's what started it.

Felipe Engineer  22:08  
That's beautiful. And you know, that's like, I was on LinkedIn, or LinkedIn live this morning as a as not as like on the screen, but as just a participant. And somebody in the audience chimed in on one of the questions and they said, if you can figure out how to do what you love, and then get paid for it, then you're going to be happy. And you're just like bringing that full circle to happiness. Just coincidentally, arena. I'm actually part of a documentary called The secret of happiness. That's filming now. And yeah, what a what a coincidence. I am not. That's so cool. It happened because of the podcasting that I do. I love that. That's amazing. It's a long story. But I'd love to save it for not this is your this is your show. But one of the cool things that you are hitting on like, when you ask people happiness, because we've interviewed a bunch of people from the documentary as well, including people in California that study happiness and, and even some people at Harvard, and some other big schools that have that have classes like for people listening. Like it's worth saying that you can actually go to college and take a course in happiness. A lot of people don't know that. Check, talk to your kids at checkout, what kind of courses are available to them today, that we are going to school right now? We're not available? Like there are no courses, right?

Reena Friedman Watts  23:32  
Yeah, that is really cool. I mean, I'll have to tell you some of my favorite answers. Can I be explicit? 

Felipe Engineer  23:37  
Yes you can. 

Reena Friedman Watts  23:38  
Yeah, let me some guy was like having sex. I was like, Wait, why is like total man on the street like me, he was keeping it real. Like it's a dirty old man. And then I ran into just completely randomly, like, this lady was like, happiness is singing. And she like, burst into opera in the middle of downtown San Francisco and had this amazing voice. I was like, This is so crazy. And then somebody else who was homeless, he was like, happiness is a really like fat, juicy cheeseburger. And then happiness is making other people happy. I saw a clown, like give a balloon to somebody. And he was like, yeah, so that was really cool. I just I met like so many amazing people and doing that completely random and unplanned. I think too, because I was pregnant, that I was just much more like approachable. Another thing I did crazy when I was pregnant, is I got this job offer Craigslist.

Felipe Engineer  24:29  
I didn't even know Craigslist had job offers. 

Reena Friedman Watts  24:32  
Yeah, back in the day, there was like a TV film section. And like when my kids were in preschool, I worked for Court TV for like four or five seasons, just combing through small claims cases and finding the juicy ones and like sending it back to the producers in LA just to kind of keep my foot in the door. So I did that for Judge Alex for four seasons. I did it for divorce court. Yeah, so that's what I was gonna tell you. Do you mind after I had my second kid my daughter. I strapped her in a Bjorn I went to the courthouse and I was passing out flyers for divorce court. People are like, are you divorced? I'm like, Well, no. But if I would have married my first fiance, I would have been. I mean, it's just it's so crazy, like all of the just random opportunities that I have tried and how all of these things have stacked up on themselves to what I'm doing now with Megawatts Productions. So I want an Instagram contest. Here's another one. 

Felipe Engineer  25:28  
This is the Sounds good. I'll get ready to give you prizes for this one. Yeah. But blindly before. Before you go into that arena. I think it's worth noting that you have this habit of excellence, where you, you set yourself up and No, you really do like every story and even all the interactions that and I've only known you through like text messages on LinkedIn up to up to this point, which is incredible. But I knew right away that you are cool. Oh, to cool, but I just want to tell you, like I can tell you have a good, very good foundation of habits. And that's why I think your life is so amazing. And I want to keep learning more. So I'm gonna shut up now. Go ahead.

Reena Friedman Watts  26:08  
That's so sweet of you. Yeah, so I won this contest. It was like it was like an an Instagram story or something. And, you know, if you share it and then tag three people, this is a very common tactic, you know, to grow a couple accounts. So I think you won like a free wax jaw that like the Salon and Spa, and I was like, oh my god, I plucked my eyebrows to death in college. Like, I don't need you to take off anymore. But could you like give me some free eyelashes? Like the the fake eyelashes instead? Right. So she went for it. And I was really excited. It was my first pair of like, fake eyelashes. And this is totally a thing like women are all doing these fake eyelashes now. Sure. So I was like, Whoa, I was like, I totally can do this myself. That was really fun. And then I paid for a makeover because I was like I have these fancy eyelashes now as well, like do the full face. Right? So made friends with the owner of the Salon and Spa. And I shared the entire makeover in my story. From that she got four new clients of like people that were like friends with me. She was like, okay, she was like, How about whenever you want to make over as long as you share the stuff in your story, I will give you free makeovers for showing like before and afters on your social media, because obviously you have a following and I just got like 14 clients from this. Like, okay, cool. That's like an awesome trade. Right? 

Felipe Engineer  27:21  
That is also true. That's worth a point too. 

Reena Friedman Watts  27:24  
Yeah. So I become friends with her. Then I get into talks with her husband, who has like a production company and the back of the Salon and Spa, where he does like video editing and video shoots. And I tell him about like my former life of working in reality TV. Turns out like, right, as the pandemic was starting, he was a camera guy on putting together a health care podcast. And he was like, Look, if you're looking for somebody who can like book, you guess, supervise the camera, shoot, manage the web team, and put all of this together, you should totally hire Reena. So from winning this Instagram contest and networking with her husband, I ended up working on this healthcare podcast for an entire year, then that leads since that one worked out nicely, then it led to me producing a second healthcare podcast. And then for me meeting all these guests in the healthcare space. I'm like, I know who the good guests are. So then I started having some of them on my show. It all stacks up on each other.

Felipe Engineer  28:22  
It does, it's that you got that habit for excellence. So I'm gonna call that, yes, you connect entrepreneurs and help them get the word out. But you also are excellent yourself. And that gets extra points right there. So I love that we've covered the megawatts productions, so many cool stories, and I bet there's even more. Can you tell me one more cool story related to megawatts productions? Give me one more.

Reena Friedman Watts  28:46  
Let me see. Oh, okay. I just thought of a good one. Okay, so

Felipe Engineer  28:51  
You're done thinking about it?

Reena Friedman Watts  28:52  
I'm done thinking. Yes. Thank you. I definitely did a little filler music there because it took me a second. Yeah. Did I have any caffeine pass? Let's see five o'clock. I mean, it was late. Okay, so there was a guy who I went, I actually met him through putting on those financial services events. Remember, when I was telling you I worked in the finance space, I put on those lunch and learns. So he was a financial advisor. And he attended one of these events that was like 50 to 75 people there. And he was like, really impressed with this event that I went and put together and he was actually going to go to another event where like financial advisors are trained to like market themselves. And he's like, I'm kind of shy. He's like, but you know, from what you just put together, would you like to go with me? I'll totally sponsor your ticket. I was like, oh, that sounds fine and totally right up my alley. So like, it was like a $2,500 ticket for me to like go with him. And I as a thank you did like a little behind the scenes of attending this cool function with him where I like, videoed it took notes, took pictures saw him like, put together his little reel, and people love behind the scenes footage like that honestly gets more views and more engagement than the actual beautiful, branded video that he got from the event right? So I put that up as a thank you like, hey, he took me to this cool thing. And here's the making of right. And he was like, whoa. And that like continued our relationship. So went for me pick on an event medium, they're going to an event with him. Then when I do this healthcare podcast, the host wants to interview this guy. I'm like, perfect. I already know him. And I like know his story from going to this thing with him. Right? So he's one of these guys that gets a little frozen it when the lights and cameras and everything turns on, but I was like, Okay, let me sit in the host chair for a minute. Like I know you I know your story, right? So I like helped him get comfortable. I'm cool with the camera guy. He was like cool with the given the guys in space, right? We get him to do a pretty good segment. Like I feel good about it. Then he's like sponsoring this upcoming nonprofit event in town. And on a Wednesday, he calls me he's like, I'm out of town till Friday. I need something put together by Tuesday. He's like, Can you do it? He didn't even ask me my price. I was like, Yes, I can do it. Yes. I know your story. I got the cameraman. Tell me when were to be there. So we like filmed it on a Friday had it together by a Tuesday and like, just look at all the events that led up to me making him something amazing. With megawatts productions, there was nothing that could make me feel more proud of like that was like a three year relationship. To make a minute and a half video the most amazing video that like I felt like he'd ever produced.

Felipe Engineer  31:22  
And you just trusted it. You said yes. And yeah, I think that's super powerful. And, and that's a good segue to I want to just pick your mind. I didn't get to listen to the full show. But you had Mr. Trust himself. Stephen Covey. As one of your podcast guests. Yeah, I told you. I've been binging your show. Yeah, you're welcome. I'll make sure to give some comments and likes because I know, I know how to get the algorithm to wake up and get juiced.

Reena Friedman Watts  31:49  
Thank you. Yes, that definitely helps. If you listen, you can be my daddy would love to hear your thoughts. Any feedback? I mean, God, you know, podcasters love feedback, right? Well,

Felipe Engineer  31:59  
We say people send us a message we are not playing. Like when you don't send us a message. That's the sound effect that you get. So guests, people, even casual listeners, if you found this podcast by accident, we still love to hear your feedback, because it helps us improve the show, which is what we're all about. We're making things easier, better and faster. That's the theme of the show. And Reena, you're definitely making I think networking and showing the power of people and relationships as a very positive way, and a happy way to be out there in the world. So I love your message. I love what you're doing. And I want to hear a little bit more about better call daddy, your podcast. So Ken, what, uh, what was your dad's reaction to Mr. Covey on your show? Or we just call him Stephen, though.

Reena Friedman Watts  32:50  
Yeah, he loves that subject of trust. I mean, he worked with his dad for 40 plus years. And they used to do business all on trust all over the phone. They knew everybody in the industry, everybody in the lighting manufacturing industry, it's all about trust, it was all about relationships. It was a lot of family run businesses for you know, it still is in the manufacturing industry. But you know, it is about relationships, it is about trust, that is something that is one of his core values. So, and he knows I read the entire book, like every single page and like very much prepared for that interview. So he was very like, tuned into that one.

Felipe Engineer  33:29  
Yeah. What was your what do you remember your dad say about? Steven?

Reena Friedman Watts  33:33  
So I think that he really related it to his dad. I think it reminded him of his dad. And actually my dad is the one that gave me the leading question for that interview.

Felipe Engineer  33:47  
Oh, here we go. Some behind the scenes. Yes. Better call daddy, what was that question?

Reena Friedman Watts  33:52  
So I told my dad that, you know, Steven took over and Empire and that he comes from a long line of copy us. It's like five or six generations of heavies. And like, how can I say that in a positive way? Like, you know, did you feel like you were living there that there was like pressure to live up to your dad's name? You know, and my dad thought that that was like a really good leading question like, What is it like to follow in the footsteps of somebody really successful? Like how do you feel like you're your own person? What has that path looked like? Because I think a lot of sons of successful people feel that way. Like they want to make their parents proud. And there's a lot of pressure around that and how, you know, how do you be respectful of your parent and but at the same time, live your own dream, right? So I feel like he was a really good example of that story.

Felipe Engineer  34:53  
Oh, my God, that's like, that's like hit me on the heart space. It's a topic that Uh, my son and I have talked about and my father and I have definitely talked about, I think it's something that a lot of children with prominent parents go through, about like, and then when I go in Chicago with my dad, we can't go anywhere without him getting recognized. I have the famous dad in his space. He is well known member of the community. And it's hilarious. Like, I remember when I was dating my wife, and she was just like, is it like this? Everywhere you go? I'm like, yeah, it's everywhere. This is my whole this been this way. So I think that's really cool to hear Stephen. And his father had the same thing. And it resonated with your dad as well. Yes. And you're, you're just so cool. Like, you come on your show, and you call better called daddy show? Like, and you say, right out the gate. So people don't question. They're like, you and your dad have a good relationship. And it's so honest and refreshing. I think that's worth talking about to like, what is I mean? What are your friends or anyone else? Look at your relationship that you have with your dad and like, you guys are working together on a podcast? How does what is that talked about? Or what's interesting there from your perspective?

Reena Friedman Watts  36:07  
You know, it's funny, my closest friends, like, they know we have that. Like, they, you know, my dad was the cool guy. Like, my dad was the one that was like picking us up at midnight. You know what I mean? So like, my, yeah, like, my friends know that. My my dad's cool. You know, like, I did have the cool dad that like, they weren't so much embarrassed of, you know, like, so they're like, kind of not surprised by it. Like, friends. Yeah.

Felipe Engineer  36:35  
Especially, you've done so much work that's like, incredibly creative. Like a lot of the people that I've talked to on my show have been engineers and are very, you know, the world is black and white. And you're like an artist. I mean, even your background right now for people just listening to the show, take a look at the show art, the better called Daddy background images. And color is very artistic. It's almost like comic book style. You know, that you have and you do have some good logos on your website to some good like animated versions of yourself, which I think are clutch. 

Reena Friedman Watts  37:10  
A friend of mine. Actually, she is another mompreneur and she got laid off during the pandemic. She was like an in house illustrator at Red Bull. And so I wanted to support her. And yeah, she had been wanting to do like podcast art. I was like, oh my god, I would love you to do mine. And so that is actually the first podcast art that she's designed. And another this is another cool mompreneur stories. So I used her to help illustrate my daughter's book, my daughter wrote a kid's book during the pandemic. I got my two middle children reading and writing tutors during the pandemic, because I was like, Oh my God, when I had four kids at home, I was like, at least if they can, like focus on reading and writing, I'm good. So I paid for reading and writing tutor, because they were like, you know, eight and 10. Yeah, I just I wanted them to stay on top of that. So I paid for reading and writing tutor for like six months and my daughter. So the reading and writing tutor was an author. And she was like, would you ever want to write a book and so my daughter really took to it. And so she ended up writing a book. And then I hired that Illustrator to make the cover of her book to which is really cool. And then my daughter illustrated with her own illustrations, the rest of it. So it's kind of fun. It's like a mix of like, a professional cover that gets your attention because it's like, really beautiful. And then inside is also very cool, because it's like Kid art, you know, which is you can't replicate that it's so personal and creative.

Felipe Engineer  38:35  
I think for people listening to the show, you want to find that book, by Miss watts, Celia watts, right, it's go bettercalldaddy.com. We'll put a link in the show notes below. And I'm looking at that book and it has like the most happiest dolphin I've ever seen. Like even it caught my attention Reena. So tell. Tell your friend, What's your friend's name that did the illustration.

Reena Friedman Watts  39:01  
Oh, my gosh. Shari. Perry. So it's p r e n. Her first name is spelled ch AR I.

Felipe Engineer  39:09  
Shari, good job. Yes. She points for sure. Yeah, she captured your smile, like on the top of your page when you when you smile, and you're just everyday conversation. She got you. I mean, that is exactly. That's how you look at I'm imagining that your dad's probably the same way I could see from the picture. I've got the video and your sight up. The picture you have of your dad behind you does exactly look like that. So Shari, got you guys. Two points for Shari. That's awesome. Yes. So I want to ask you, I want to switch gears because you've got so much coming out of your arena. And I think that for a lot of people with the pandemic. I mean, your story is just it's example after example after example of making things happen. And having that entrepreneur mindset mindset which so many people in The Lean space in the continuous improvement space, we talk about that spirit of continuous improvement and entrepreneurship in particular, even if you work for a big corporation, or a nonprofit or an education, whatever it is, those types of principles are critical. I wanted to just tap into your your wisdom, especially what's happened to your bumper bumper to

Reena Friedman Watts  40:25  
bumper, or mompreneur? Both of those. Yeah, mompreneur.

Felipe Engineer  40:28  
I like mompreneur. It's easier for me to say, yeah, totally. Let's tap into your mompreneur. What advice would you give somebody that's in a job that they don't like? Just coincidentally, you've had that podcast where you're like, leave your day job? What advice would you give to people that are in a job that they're not getting fulfillment from?

Reena Friedman Watts  40:45  
Yeah, I would say, start networking with people on LinkedIn, listening to podcasts and things that like really interests you, and a little at a time, like really adds up. So that's what James all teacher says, like the 1%. If compounding ly grows, so like, read 10 pages a day than 20 pages a day, listen to podcasts and areas of expertise. You know, like, there's just so much great information available online. Like actually, when I listened to your show, I was like, I don't know much about lean improvement. But I listened to things that I want to learn about that I don't know about, you know, like, if I'm having a day where I'm like, can't parent and I'm feeling bad about parenting, I'll literally go in castbox. And I'm like, Oh, why am I good? Or positive parenting or, you know, like, raising brave yourself when you're like, super frustrated as a mother like, you don't I mean, like, find experts in areas that you're looking to improve upon and grow that way. Like I constantly do that. Like, I was talking to somebody who wanted to start a podcast on RTT. It's like, regressive, transformative therapy or something I could like, it's something like that. Yeah. And I was like, Okay, I don't know anything about that. So I went castbox. I typed in RTT, and therapy, and I'm like, who's talking about that? What subjects are like, you know, alongside that, who are the experts in that area? Who should she network? Or, or have on her show? That can give her more information that she has, so I found somebody that was like, had a top 2% podcast on RTT therapy. I was like, Do you know this person? She was like, oh, yeah, I took a course with her. I was like, would she come as a guest on your show? She should be your guest number one, because she's the expert.

Felipe Engineer  42:29  
Yeah, let's get connected. People Reena is telling you reach out people. If they're still alive. Yes, they will connect with you. All you got to do is say something interesting. Don't be a creeper. You know, be polite. Be kind be authentic. Right, Rena? That's that sounds like that's how you're doing it every single time.

Reena Friedman Watts  42:50  
Yeah, I just like, look, tell her you want to start a podcast around RTT that it's changed your life that you were divorced. And this, like helped you through that, and tell her and some of the guests that you've had in mind and that you love her work? I mean, who wouldn't be flattered by that? Okay, maybe she doesn't want to be your guest. Number one, but like, tell her you're gonna interview 10 people and then we'll come back to her and like, Can you get her on the calendar?

Felipe Engineer  43:11  
Yes. Yes. And she did. I'm assuming the story has a happy ending, right?

Reena Friedman Watts  43:16  
I mean, she's gonna put together a podcast on on that subject matter. And then I was even trying to say like, have you had people that have come to you? And you know, what are their stories? Have they come to you with unique situations? Like, what are some of the situations that they're trying to go back in their regressive therapy to fix? And she was like, Well, you know, one chick is like, obsessed with numbers. I'm like, okay, that's really interesting. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it's just like, coming up with creative titles coming up with creative situations. Yeah,

Felipe Engineer  43:51  
possibilities are limitless. People, there is no excuse. Other than you enjoy the suffering. If you're just gonna stay in a rut. Yeah, get out of the rut. It's laughing. I don't know about you Reena, but I'd love to laugh and I love and I love sound effect boards. I mean, hello.

Reena Friedman Watts  44:10  
Where do I get that thing? I need to go. I'm gonna Google that after, you know, there's a guy that I just had on my show. I haven't aired it yet, but I'm gonna connect you. He has, like he's got a sound effect board. So you guys could have some like sound effects like showdowns?

Felipe Engineer  44:26  
Yes. Yes, we can duel. I've got all kinds of stuff and I'll I even got one for you on when we end the show to play a special song for you to see how long have you been to Chicago?

Reena Friedman Watts  44:35  
So this is my second stint here. This stent. I've been here for about 10 years and when I moved here, straight out of college and worked on Springer, I was here for about three years.

Felipe Engineer  44:45  
Okay, perfect. So yeah, you'll recognize and appreciate the song. I can't play it down because if this goes on YouTube, I'll get copyrights Smackdown. But yeah, people if you want to know what song I play for arena after the show, send me a message on social media. Tell you

Reena Friedman Watts  45:02  
have you gotten copyright smacked down? Did you know

Felipe Engineer  45:04  
I'm copyright free? I've been a good boy on YouTube so far. Knock on wood. I try to I try to follow the rules and use the system to my advantage. Reena, that's what I'm going for. Yeah, but we've got to definitely have a boss. But you're not done yet. But wait, there's more. There's more. It'd be like if we, if I had like a sponsor, Mila showed me like. Now coming back to the show, Rena Friedman watts, abs I can't even get I can't even get it out. Because I'm just having such good time. laughing I'm gonna steal from you and get I'm gonna start saying yes, even more, but I do now. Because it seems like it's just leads to so many good things like

Reena Friedman Watts  45:48  
it really does it really. It really, truly does. I have entertained some very crazy things like the Gary Vee thing was crazy. Like I was pregnant. I had never been to Toronto, I had never booked sponsorships before. I had no script on how to do it. But I wanted to be a part of that event. I wanted to go there. I was like, I don't know how I'm gonna do this. But I'm doing that, you know, is the same thing with springers. Like I started there as an intern. I listened to who was loudest on the phone who was getting the best guests to come and I started emulating them. Like I literally wanted to be them. I became them. I was like, I am going to be in that seat. I'm going to be in that office. I was sleeping on some kind of couch that I met off of Craigslist, like I literally moved to Chicago with like 200 bucks. And I didn't even realize the neighborhood I was sleeping in. And then after I went from intern to associate producer and like a couple of months, I moved to the Gold Coast. I went from like Cabrini Green to like the Gold Coast. I mean, if you're not from Chicago, it's like, two trains away and like smoke coming out of the gutters that looks like a horror movie to like living. The Highlife.

Felipe Engineer  46:51  
Yeah, it's like post apocalyptic. And then like a brand new civilization. And they're only literally two train stops apart.

Reena Friedman Watts  47:00  
It's like actually prime real estate now. I'm like, Dude, what happened? Chicago has been built up so much over the last decade, like I moved back here. And you know, I hadn't been here in like 10 years. And so Trump Tower was built. I couldn't even find NBC tower. It was like completely blocked. I'm like, where

Felipe Engineer  47:21  
it does look different. And we came to California with the opposite of you like we'd love Chicago to come to California or you went from California to Chicago. And we go back every winter to enjoy was in

Reena Friedman Watts  47:31  
Chicago. I mean, I was in California and in 2000, 2008, 2009. What part of California?

Felipe Engineer  47:40  
I was down in SoCal? Okay, yeah. north of Sacramento. Yeah, you're now closer to where you used to be. I was just in Palo Alto yesterday, or at San Jose on Wednesday. Yeah, it was, it was incredible.

Reena Friedman Watts  47:56  
We lived walking distance from Stanford, you know, the dish. No, I don't know the dish. It's like the best height. Like if you hike to the top, you can see like, all of the day, it's so beautiful.

Felipe Engineer  48:07  
Because they're gonna put that on my list things to do.

Reena Friedman Watts  48:11  
That happiness video,

Felipe Engineer  48:12  
I was coming up to get it in there. When we went back to it wasn't until, like two years right before the pandemic. So one year before the pandemic, we did the boat tour in Chicago, my wife. And we finally got to take in the architecture tour. And I've been working in the construction industry for like that point. 20 years. And it's finally like pressure from all these people. Like, you grew up there. You never as like, well you grow up and you're just like, you're just trying to get to where you're trying to get to. You don't take it in the same way. But I think it's really cool.

Reena Friedman Watts  48:40  
So I have a boat tour, kind of story. Oh, let's go when I was an intern, and I was just starting off at the Jerry Springer show they give you like petty cash to take the guests out and entertain them that was like my primary job is like to keep them happy before the shoot day the next day. So I'm like new to Chicago and I'm learning the city right alongside them and I decided to take the petty cash and take the Springer guests on the boats around the lake. I had no cell phone at the time. This was like pre me having a cell phone. I had a beeper. I'm getting paged back to the office and I'm like, in the middle of the lake. I'm like, I'm dead. I'm so getting fired.

Felipe Engineer  49:24  
I found a call back on from the boat.

Reena Friedman Watts  49:26  
hours later. They're like, you know, they're like, yeah, it was I didn't get fired. You know, it was kind of funny later, but I was definitely scared. I like you know, took everybody for the show that was supposed to happen the next day, and we were off to the races. You know, we're just having fun all around Lake Michigan. I didn't take any more guests after that on Lake Michigan. That was my only tour of the lake.

Felipe Engineer  49:49  
But you did it and you you got it out of your system.

Reena Friedman Watts  49:52  
I did it I did the double decker bus once with this one guest and she had like a weave, and some of her braids got caught in a tree for you, that was a bad moment.

Felipe Engineer  50:02  
As it reminds me of like when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and Rossi, like put his hand up or he got his nose like caught on up on a power line or something. Oh, double decker bus. So people if you're on those buses in any city, be careful, careful. Yes. Be careful.

Reena Friedman Watts  50:21  
I had some good times. Some of the craziest things were though, like, you know, we separated the story. So like half of the story would stay at one hotel and half would stay at another hotel. And sometimes when we took them to House of Blues, or we took them to the diner, like half of one story would talk to half of another story. And then people would find out where the other stories were saying, and it was just crazy all night long. When that happened. People were getting kicked out of hotels and the Jerry Springer show was happening in the street. And then I had to talk people into doing the show the next day. Yeah,

Felipe Engineer  50:53  
a lot of responsibility on young interns, on their shoulders.

Reena Friedman Watts  50:58  
It's true. It's true, but you learn a lot, you learn a lot. That is how you learn.

Felipe Engineer  51:03  
That is how you learn. That's also how you keep families together. We're all going to be happy for just one more day until after the show's over. And they'll have security guards to keep everybody safe. So you know when he gets assaulted too badly that you're gonna need medical attention after the show.

Reena Friedman Watts  51:19  
For those kind of tuck you into the limo and yeah,

Felipe Engineer  51:22  
people that never get it don't know what Jerry Springer is. Just check that out on YouTube. There'll be some clips that you can refresh yourself or just know what Rita and I are talking about. See what type of action packed drama show it was that delivered so consistently. Just like this podcast, we deliver we definitely we didn't call daddy's in live, but daddy's will be called after this. So this is an awesome show. And Reena It's been great having you on the show. I always love to give my guests the last word where to find you where to connect with you. What do we need to know?

Reena Friedman Watts  51:58  
Better call daddy.com And yeah, you should check it out. This season. We are having more daddy drama, more inspirational fathers. We've got sperm donor daddies. We've got you know, Daddy's who weren't around. It's a big mix. And I interview like you said YouTubers and reality stars and then my daddy weighs in with his wit and wisdom at the end of every episode.

Felipe Engineer  52:21  
Very special thanks to my guest. I'm Felipe Engineer Manriquez. The EBFC Show is created by Felipe and produced by passion to build easier and better. Thanks for listening. Stay safe everybody. Let's go build!

Reena Friedman WattsProfile Photo

Reena Friedman Watts

Producer/ Mompreneur/Community Builder

There’s not much Reena Friedman Watts hasn’t done in her professional life. She’s scoured the NPR newswire for stories. She’s combed through hundreds of small claims cases. She’s worked on reality TV shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Court TV, and Nanny 911. She’s worked in Radio. She’s planned mega-events for the telecom and finance industries. She’s secured sponsors and emceed. She’s booked sensational and hard-to-get guests such as Howard Schultz, Barbara Corcoran, Ken Coleman, and Derek Sivers on Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast and boosted the downloads from 4M to nearly 15M.

Reena has a God-given talent for connecting people and building communities, and she bestows her magic on people in the most selfless and genuine way. Ideas for how people can achieve the fantastic flow out of her head as effortlessly as breath flows into her lungs. Her diverse background and skill set allow her to seamlessly weave in and out of multiple markets and find her way through doors that don’t open for others. She coaches entrepreneurs on how to get unstuck and find their first clients, she gets blurbs from influencers for their best-selling books, and she even helps them grow communities of their own.

Reena is a questioner and a story junkie, and she’s scratching that itch on her highly anticipated podcast, Better Call Daddy. She’s telling the stories that haven’t been told and sprinkling them with wisdom from one of her most trusted advisors, her Dad.

Reena is a hustler, a change-maker, and a consummate connector. Imagine what she can do for you.