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Aura Robinson

Manager, Enhanced Project Delivery

A creative thinker having practicing and maturing her own coaching art for the enhancement of project delivery over time. Aura is an avid fan of implementing new techniques in the design and construction industry being the boots in the ground as she managed high preforming teams and projects to the realms of success, helping her teams and clients realize their vision. Her passion is centered around developing teams culled to appeal to the emerging trends of the industry.
Aura's search for a better way led her to IPD and executing projects through IPD predominantly always looking for ways to inspire the conversation around better project delivery.

An experienced and knowledgeable Gold Seal certified Constructer having started her career in Architecture/Engineering before becoming a superintendent and project manager with large construction firms. Leveraging her construction knowledge Aura helps project owners and project teams bring a unique and diversified perspective to all our lean and IPD projects.
The IPD experience, the passion to improve the industry and help owners realize their vision has led Aura to ISL Engineering where implementation of the collaborative approach and embracing lean strategies is at the core of their day to day operations.

March 15, 2023

Unlocking Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Insights from Aura Robins…

Aura Robinson, Manager of Enhanced Project Delivery at ISL Engineering (Canada) shares her experience with integrated project delivery (IPD) and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and valuing people in an IPD setting. She also provides tips f...

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