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April Moss

COO / Chief Customer Officer

After a successful 21-year career with Procter & Gamble, which included several promotions, awards and expanded responsibilities, I joined Acosta Sales & Marketing. At ASM, I was part of the executive leadership team and worked directly with many top 33 consumer product group companies. The majority of my time was focused on corporate retail strategy, company acquisitions and integration, new business development and creating partnerships that included two of the largest crowd sourcing companies.

The breadth and depth of my executive leadership in operations, sales, new business development, customer acquisitions, product supply & logistics and most importantly my ability to construct organizations from the ground up are foundational in standing up the DigiBuild Team and forming strong customer and partner relationships.

As a Founder in DigiBuild, I am driven to help fix construction projects and make construction workers' lives healthier. Why? I lost my father when I was 8 to suicide from the pressures of the industry. My father was a custom cabinet maker and finisher. As a child, my brother and I would tag along on jobsites with my dad. Some of my fondest childhood memories are sparked when I hear the sound of nails being hammered, the smell and noise of a saw cutting through lumber and watching construction workers on a job site. There should have been many more memories created before losing my father and I’m not alone. The high-pressure environment, the seasonality, loneliness and the drink culture within construction was a contributing factor. Most people don’t realize that the suicide rate in construction is nearly 4x greater than the national average and 5x greater than all other construction fatalities combined.

In the process of losing my father, I lost a part of my childhood. I would like to make sure that as we fix construction, we fix/help construction people and their families along the way with construction software tools that make a difference.

July 20, 2022

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