Jan. 25, 2023

Applying Scrum in Construction Projects: Insights from "Construction Scrum" by Felipe Engineer-Manriquez

Applying Scrum in Construction Projects: Insights from

Effective project management is critical to delivering projects on time and within budget in the construction industry. One methodology that has proven to be successful in improving project performance is Scrum, a widely used Agile methodology initially developed for hardware and software development. I authored "Construction Scrum" to share my experiences using the Scrum framework in the construction industry. The book's goal aligns with my mission to provide construction professionals and project management leaders with a comprehensive guide on implementing Scrum in their projects and companies.

As an experienced construction project manager, I use stories and case studies to provide a detailed overview of the Scrum framework and how it can be adapted to design and construction projects. The book covers the roles and responsibilities of the Scrum team, the use of Sprints, and the importance of applying Lean Construction principles. Through the stories and examples, I provide practical advice on implementing Scrum in projects, including overcoming common challenges and pitfalls no matter which phase you start.

The book is written for construction professionals and project managers looking to improve the performance of their projects and teams. It provides a comprehensive and practical guide for anyone looking to implement Scrum in the construction industry. "Construction Scrum" also offers real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the benefits of Scrum in a variety of construction projects.

The book concludes that Scrum can help construction teams to work more effectively, improve communication and collaboration, and deliver projects on time and within budget, all top priorities supported by construction client research. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their construction projects through the use of Scrum.



  • Learn How Scrum Works in Construction
  • Implement the Scrum Framework
  • Use Practical Scrum Patterns
  • Create Your Playbook & Win


If you're looking to improve the performance of your construction projects, "Construction Scrum" is for you. The book is available in softcover, hardcover, Kindle, and Audible. This is a practical guide on rapidly applying Scrum, a widely used Agile methodology, in the construction industry. Please take advantage of my experience implementing Scrum in construction projects, including overcoming common challenges and pitfalls. Follow along with me if you are a construction professional looking to improve communication, collaboration, and overall project performance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your construction projects to the next level with the insights from "Construction Scrum."


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