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Jason Schroeder is a former Field Operations and Project Director. He has worked as a construction leader for 22 years through positions that range from field engineer, to project superintendent, general superintendent, and field operations director. He is the Owner and Lead Consultant at Elevate Construction IST, a company focused on elevating construction from coast to coast by providing insights, solutions, and training that create respect in the field, through trained leaders, which ultimately preserves and protects families in construction. He is the creator of the Field Engineer Boot Camp and Superintendent Boot Camp, which are immersive courses that train field leadership. He is a husband, and a father of eleven. Their family has focused their finances, time, and future to serving others in construction through their business.

Jason has been involved with Lean since 2011 when he was introduced to it through Paul Aker’s book, 2 Second Lean. Since then, he has experimented with lean as a superintendent, general super, and director on multiple projects. His training includes a DBIA certification, CM-BIM certification, CM-Lean certification, Lean Leader Certification through Leancor, and multiple training courses for professional development. Hundreds of books later, and through practical implementation, Jason has been able to scale operational excellence from project to project, and throughout entire companies. Jason is an expert on Takt Planning, Team Balance & Health, Personal Organization, Field Engineering, and what he calls The Integrated Control System. Jason hosts a podcast, The Elevate Construction Podcast, a blog through elevateconstructionist.com, and trains, consults, and coaches throughout the country.

March 17, 2021

Scrum Elevating Construction with Jason Schroeder

How does critical path method (traditional waterfall project management), Last Planner System, and Scrum work or fight? Jason and…

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