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Scrum Elevating Construction with Jason Schroeder

March 17, 2021

How does critical path method (traditional waterfall project management), Last Planner System, and Scrum work or fight? Jason and Felipe dug into this and how some Lean practitioners neglect to PDCA their approaches, tools, and methods.  Jason Schroeder is the owner of Elevate Construction. He is dedicated to helping people

✅ Develop remarkable leaders

✅ Create highly effective teams

✅ Train your workforce

✅ Create operational excellence in your company and on your projects

Find out why Jason is passionate about bringing your vision of quality, excellence, and progress to life via his books or podcast. I highly recommend his books and work for anyone in design and construction. 

Elevating Construction Superintendents:  A Principle Based Leadership Guide for Assistant Supers and Superintendents in Construction

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Elevating Construction Takt Planning:  A Fable & Instructional Guide about Creating Stability & Flow on Projects with Takt Supporting Last Planner® & Scrum! 

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I was on Jason’s 131st episode.  You can take a listen here.

Ep.131 – How to Implement Scrum in Construction Feat. Felipe Engineer


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