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Emotional Intelligence

September 23, 2020

Since 2000, Brent Darnell has been actively teaching #constructionindustry professionals people skills and emotional intelligence. He is a best-selling author, engineer, playwright, teacher, trainer, speaker & coach. We dive deep into how emotional intelligence impacts people and their teams along with local culture’s impact on emotional expression. Brent shares what you can do today to move towards better outcomes.  The Easier, Better, for Construction Show is where people working to make building easier and better share how.

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Today's episode is sponsored by the Lean Construction Institute. Join me and many others from the Lean design and construction community at their 22nd Annual Congress.  It is being held virtually this year, the week of October 19th. Our theme is the ABC’s of Lean...Transformation through Actions, Best Practices, and Coaching.  Learn more at

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